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Marble Granite Worktops New Malden

We visited New Malden in late 2018 to install this fantastic modern mixture of marble and granite – to provide our client with a stylish and unique kitchen environment. As can be seen from the images our team installed two contrasting colours of black and white – a popular colour choice amongst our customers. The black/marble granite offers an instinctively striking impact drawing attention to the main kitchen utensils – featuring a white marble/granite centrepiece which provides a subtle distraction from the luxurious black worktops.

About Marble Granite Worktop:

Granite is a natural rock that is cut in its natural state and is polished for use in homes, along with its ability to handle temperature changes and resist scratches. Marble provides superior elegance but is also a durable stone given it is resistant to scratching, cracking and fracture breaks from consistent use. This stunning kitchen worktop and centrepiece is now a pivotal talking point in this vibrant home in New Malden, a suburb of south-west London.

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